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Classes, associations & teams

Earn money for the association, team or class

Are you planning to go on a class trip, a cup or maybe a training camp? Are you looking for a good and fun alternative to your association sale? Then Vasafiskerian is an excellent option for you. We help you make money by selling our prized fish and seafood boxes. 

Welcome to carry out your association sale by selling our easy-to-sell boxes!

Why choose Vasafiskerian?

  • Fish & shellfish is an easy product to sell, something that hits home in every household!
  • Recommended products by well-known chefs! Our products are of exceptionally high quality, which not least our customers and well-known chefs want to claim.
  • A good seafood box that is easy to prepare is a convenient solution to the stressful everyday life, which makes many people want to buy.
  • High merit! You earn 10% per box sold, which usually costs at least SEK 1,000, but most often our customers choose to order boxes for significantly more.
  • Good price! You sell our products at a lower price than most other comparable players.
  • Completely risk-free - no expenses!

Calculation example

There are 30 of you in the class or association. All sell 5 boxes each for an average price of SEK 1,500. You earn SEK 22,500 for the class fund or the team fund. 

How does it work?

It is easy! This is how it works: 

1. We provide you with all the material you need to sell our boxes. This includes, among other things, information sheets about our boxes, prices and contents that you can give to your customers. The material can be used both via direct mail and on social media. 

2. You then market and sell our products using the materials you received from us. If the customer wants more information or a larger selection, it can always be found on our website or for them to contact us directly. 

SELLING TIPS! Start by telling relatives and acquaintances. Then you knock on neighbors' doors and let the parents take the sales brochure to their workplaces. At the same time, you share on social media. Feel free to come up with your own sales methods, you get all the freedom to be creative - only your imagination sets limits!

3. In connection with marketing and sales, you ask your customers to order online via our website and choose a delivery date of their choice directly to their door. In this way, you don't have to spend time delivering to your customers - smooth, huh? 

When the orders are sent and the deliveries are made, you receive your profit and look forward to exciting trips, camps or cups! 

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